Daycare & Day Stay

Would your dog benefit from some extra mental and physical stimulation while you are at work or school? We have the perfect solution.

Every Daycare or Day Stay guest gets lots of attention, exercise and play at our huge, 12,600 square foot indoor and outdoor play areas. Your pet will have so much fun, they will not want to leave!



Your dog will enjoy a safe day filled with fun and exercise, supervised by our trained and caring staff.

We separate dogs by size and temperament. Interactive daycare can help with socialization, separation anxiety, destructive behavior, weight control and confidence. Dogs can romp on our playground equipment and play with other guests. Your dog will enjoy a morning playtime and a midday nap, followed by an afternoon play session. On days when the weather does not permit outdoor play, your dog will enjoy playtime in our 600 square foot indoor playroom. The playroom is climate-controlled and the rubber flooring provides cushioning for your pup’s joints. Your pooch will leave well-socialized and happy.

All passes are valid for 90 days after purchase and are non-refundable.

Day Stay

$35.00 per visit

Day Stay is designed as an alternative option for dogs that may not be a good match for Day Care. There are many reasons that Day Stay may be a better choice for your pet. If your dog is shy or uncomfortable in group settings, has decreased mobility issues, has recently undergone a medical procedure, or may simply not get along with other pet guests, consider Day Stay. All Day Stay guests receive a solo walk and pampered pet session. Our goal at Bark & Bed is to provide a safe environment and experience for all of our pet guests. Day Stay offers an option for all dogs to have a fun day out!