About Us 

The creation of Bark & Bed was a culmination of over five years of research. The concept started as a wish and a dream of having a place for pets where they would have fun, be safe, enrich their lives and truly feel at home. As pet owners, the Brewsters were unable to find a local pet care facility that would meet their high expectation of care for their dogs and cats. As the dream turned into a vision, the Brewsters worked with top experts in the pet industry to design and build the most state-of-the-art facility for this unique pet resort. Extensive research in pet boarding, daycare, grooming and training was studied to develop top operational procedures and assemble a team of dedicated experts to ensure the safety and comfort of all B&B guests. We know pet owners care deeply about their pets and deserve a place where their animals are happy and healthy, whether their need is boarding, daycare, grooming or training. The purpose of Brewster’s Bark & Bed is to fill that need.