At Brewster’s Bark & Bed, each pet is handled with the utmost care with a “One on One” customized approach. We use all natural, organic luxury, therapeutic & medicated products, resulting in a higher quality and more enjoyable spa experience for your pet. Our stylists will pamper your pet while paying close attention to the individual needs and personality of each guest.

Our large array of services means that there is always something to try! We offer bathing, full grooming, and unique spa services such as aromatherapy treatments, blueberry facials, mud mask and much more. To ensure a relaxing spa experience, we see clients by appointment only.

We are truly “at your BARK and call."

Deep Conditioning Wraps  

Starting at $27.00                                                      

The Deep Conditioning Wrap adds elasticity and repairs a damaged coat, while soothing and moisturizing the skin. This is pampering at its finest. First, your pet is bathed with one of our specially formulated shampoos. After rinsing, we apply a luxurious deep conditioner onto your pet’s coat, massaging down to the skin. Then we wrap your pup in warm towels for 10 minutes to allow the treatment to penetrate into the skin. The results are beautiful! You will see, smell and feel the difference in your pet’s coat after just one treatment.

Select from:    

  • Coconut & AloeMoisturizes and protects the skin
  • Oats & AppleCalms and soothes the skin



Blueberry Facial  

$8.00 (Add-in service only)                                                            

Treat your dog to the all natural, hypo-allergenic, tearless and aroma therapeutic Blueberry Facial. This is a relaxing and face-brightening massage for your pet! Dogs enjoy the special attention to their face while having the Blueberry facial gently massaged into their fur and skin.



Therapeutic Mud Treatments   

Starting at $30.00                                                    

These all natural mud treatments cleanse, detoxify and heal naturally & organically. First your pet is bathed in one of our specially formulated shampoos, opening up the hair follicles. After rinsing, we apply and massage the all natural mud treatment directly to the skin. A conditioner is then applied to seal and close the hair follicles. Your dog’s skin will be transformed!

Select from:    

  • Coat Care MudFor relief of excessive shedding
  • Mobility MudFor easing aches and pains
  • Skin Soothe MudPromotes healthy skin and relieves itching



Aromatherapy Skin Treatments

Starting at $27.00

Aromatherapy oils nurture the skin and coat with soothing ingredients. We use only the finest pure essential oils and blend these treatments in-house to ensure they are safe and effective for your dog. First, your pet is bathed in one of our specially formulated shampoos. A conditioner is then applied to seal and close the hair follicles. After rinsing, we massage the oil selection into pet’s skin and coat.

Select from:     

  • LavenderTo calm, relax and relieve anxiety
  • ChamomileSoothes skin irritations and allergens
  • PeppermintTo stimulate circulation and ease arthritis





We start off with a detoxing paw soak followed with a nail and paw pad trim. Next, your pup receives a paw massage with our custom-made protectant balm. Finish the pampering with pet-friendly Nail Pawlish (upon request). Your pet will be the BARK of the town!



Smell-U-Later Treatment 

Starting at $50.00                                                                               

We start by pre-bathing your dog with De-Skunking shampoo. We then concentrate on the sprayed areas with extra deodorizing treatment to remove the sulfur-containing chemical sprayed on your pet’s coat by the skunk. After rinsing, we apply a moisturizing conditioner. Take a sniff; your pet smells good as new!


Keep in Mind:

  1. Starting rates vary depending upon size of pet, breed, coat condition, hair cut/style and temperament.
  2. All dogs must be current on all vaccinations and complete our registration form.
  3. If we find fleas during a service, Capstar and flea bath will be provided at owner's expense.